Via Provinciale, 102 - 81050 Francolise (ITALIA)

Over 70 years
of history

Born from the idea of the founding members of the O.P. Ventrone, we inherit over 70 years of history and know-how from the latter.
Since 1951 we have evolved and transformed into a successful company in the fruit and vegetable segment. Thanks to the combination of tradition and technological innovation, which has always distinguished us, we produce, package and distribute to G.D.O. national and international vegetables, fruit and fresh vegetables.

Always in step
with the times

We apply continuous renewal and adaptation strategies to the work sector, which have led us to be considered a consolidated and efficient structure, equipped with an accurate traceability system that allows us to identify the single product from harvesting to its sale.

We distribute our products in Italy,
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic,
Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland

Total supervision of the supply chain

We produce only and exclusively on our lands and on those of the associates, in over 200 HA of greenhouse structures and in the other 100 HA of open fields.

Sustainable practices
and environmental policies

We are aware that now, more than ever, we need to change the way we do business. We need to welcome business practices that are devoted to the defence of the environmental heritage, that sincerely aim to preserve the natural balance that allows us to produce and distribute fresh, natural and genuine products every day. 

All our systems are powered by photovoltaic panels for a rapid conversion to the green economy and to protect the most precious asset we have: our home, our Earth. 

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